I'm Jo, I'm 28 and I have been married to Cormac, 31, for 5 1/2 years. We have been trying for a family for all the time we have been married.

We finally went for IVF last year & the happy result is that we are now expecting twins!! I never thought that it would happen - after 5 years of trying we had set ourselves up to think that it would never happen to us. I had also read all the statistics & the signs were not good. Approximately 45% of women become pregnant after 5 attempts at IVF- I had limited myself to 3 goes for emotional and financial reasons. My family had offered to pay for 2 attempts ( approx 3000 - this is self funding where my doctor had agreed to pay for the drugs - if I had gone privately this bill would have been considerably more.) and I was willing to wait around 12 months for my final go on the NHS.

My eggs were not growing as expected on the first attempt and the the chances of success were virtually nil. This was a huge blow to both of us.( I was one of those optimists who thought they would win the lottery the first time it was drawn - bugger!! ) Anyway we didn't linger on this failed attempt but looked forward to the next. For the second IVF try they increased the drugs I was taking and this seemed to work. When they did the egg collection they retrieved 21 eggs - which we were really pleased with. This seemed to give us a great chance of success - we might even have embryos left over for freezing! Unfortunately only 2 eggs fertilized which was a great disappointment. They were talking about how they would try a different form of IVF next time - this wasn't a good sign.

When it came to phoning for my pregnancy test results I nearly didn't bother - I was so sure it hadn't worked. I'm glad I did though because the result was positive - not only that but both embryos had taken and I am expecting twins, nicknamed Chaz 'n' Dave for now. It was the best feeling in the world. Cormac & I are so happy it's better than we ever could have expected.

Jo and Cormac