Okay, here are a few links to sites I consider are worth looking at.


Thunderball: Obsessional - This has everything you could want to know about one of the best bond films made. This site is maintained by Rat Pack Man and keeps getting bigger all the time.
Dark Horizons - This is an excellent site for anyone that wants to keep up-to-date with the latest film news. Its updated almost everyday by its creator with pics, trailers and rumours. It's the one page I check everyday.
Coming Attractions - This style on this site is a little basic but must be seen just due to the sheer volume of information on there. They report on any rumour or newsbyte on any of the latest films. This site is split up into sections for each film so if there is a particular project your interested in, you can easily see the entire history.
Aint it Cool News - This is very similar to the above rumour sites but is probably the more famous of all movie sites. As well as providing some of the latest film news it also provides a talkback option where people can comment on each story.
Internet Movie Database - This is basically the biggest site I've ever seen, it's quite simply the referral point for any film you want to know about. Just go and have a look.

Small Screen

BuffyGuide - I do like Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and this site is a great reference point. It has detailed information on each episode, actor info and pics. Certainly worth a look if you like the TV show.
DVD Box Office - If you have a multi region DVD player, I recommend this site. The main reason is because shipping is free. Of course, the region 1 dvds are generally cheaper, have more features and available earlier so these are other incentives

People I Know

TonyZone - This is a collection of Tony's pictures of himself and other friends, very nice look and I'm sure he'll expand it eventually. On a side note the site www.tonysown.net is a one I found by accident.

Austin's Site - Austin has been putting this site together for a while, I'm sure it will development and blossom eventually but at the moment its got a monkey on it so it's worth a look.

Genki English - This is a site created by an old friend, Richard Graham, from school, he's doing really well representing Batley Grammar in Japan. The site is enormous and has a few games for kids.

Internet Game