May Quiz - Character quiz

Name the film these characters are from:

  1. John Mcclane
  2. Dr Richard Kimble
  3. Ian Malcolm
  4. Tyler Durden
  5. John Spartan
  6. Cameron Poe
  7. Vincent Vega
  8. Andy Dufresne
  9. Grand Moff Tarkin
  10. Clarice Starling
  11. Sergeant Jack Vincennes
  12. Ellen Ripley
  13. Henry Gondorff
  14. Maximus Decimus Meridus
  15. Marty McFly
  16. Sarah Connor
  17. Norman Bates
  18. Sugar Kane
  19. Rick Deckard
  20. Harold Zidler

If you can be bothered to make a note of all the answers, then mail them to me and I promise to be impressed.

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