Here's a few reviews :

The Matrix Reloaded : Hmmm, could this ever live up to the success of the original and the intense hype? Unfortunately not. The biggest thing this has going for it is the look, it looks stunning and has some genuinely jaw dropping sequences but ultimately, that's not enough to carry the film. The first was all about Neo struggling to come to terms with being the One, but here, he knows he's the One and is pretty much invinsible. So he just wanders about the Matrix trying to look troubled. The twins are massively underused, not sure where we could have gone with them but I certainly wanted to find out. The fights are impressive but get repeatative and almost dull. Finally, the ending is an ambitious attempt at some insight on fate, control and destiny but just ends up a complex jumble that even a 10 minutes diatribe from the Architect fails to explain (he hates to use a word with less than 6 letters, he doesn't suffer from Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia). I suppose Matrix 2 has to be seen but more from obligation rather than enjoyment. 6 out of 10

Charlie's Angels : Full Throttle : Okay, I couldn't help laughing, it's just so stupid it's hilarious. There in no particular plot but the film moves so fast you don't really realise this. Each of the angels has their own little story, nicely balanced but it's Cameron Diaz that seems to enjoy herself the most. Cameron doesn't seem to care if she looks stupid, in fact she enjoys it e.g. in a crime scene segment, 2 angels appear in sexy little outfit whereas Diaz appear in a boiler suit with an awful 80s wig. All in all, this is just a fun film, loads of little cameos and fast paced. Worth a watch. 7 out of 10

X-Men 2 : Simply excellent popcorn fodder. Quite long but still very engaging. Nightcrawler was excellent, all other characters played their part at the appropriate time. I especaillly liked the ending cos I saw the cartoon as a kid and the film links into that. It is gonna be tricky to beat this one but i'm sure at least 2 sequels will be on their way. Depending on success of Matrix sequels, lets hope the next X-Men films are made back to back. If you get chance, go see this, it's much better than original, in my humble opinion. 9 out of 10

Johnny English : Mostly bad, basically it's Mr Bean becomes a secret agent. Jokes can be seen a mile away and the punchlines are crap when they do eventually arrive. Natalie Umbrulia looks excellent but there's not enough of her, John Malkovich tries his best with a terrible script but his accent is terrible. I'd give it a miss, the 5 minutes of laughs is not worth the remaining painfull 1 hour 20 minutes. 2 out of 10

Phone Booth : For a film that is entirely set in one location, Phone Booth came across very well. Colin Farrell is excellent as Stu, an annoying character at first but he quickly grows on you. The little trick of picture in picture is used nicely (as started in 24) but I suspect if future films use it then I'll learn to hate it. The concept is quite cool if a little tricky to believe at times. Basically I liked it especially as the bad guy sounds genuinely bad. 8 out of 10


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon