Okay, this is my new look webpage, hopefully it looks a little classier than before. As before this site is split into 2 main areas, my movies site and my sister, Jo, has her site dedicated to her newborn babies.

Below is a brief update on what's new on the site, so you can find what you are looking for quite easily. My site has various reviews of recent films shown in the UK although I agree at this point not that many, plus a quiz to amuse and entertain any casual browser. Jo's site has a detailed history her pregnancy and the birth of my 2 nephews.

At the moment I'm happy with the layout and look of the site so now I just need some decent content - it will happen eventually.

If you have any friendly comments you can mail me at films@hairNOSPAMthief.com.

I am currently feeling The current mood of HairThief at www.imood.com

What's New  

11/7/03 Matrix Reloaded, Charlie's Angels 2 reviewed added here

23/4/02 May quiz added and answers to April quiz added too.

14/7/01 Top Ten page updated - if your interested click here (I admit its the least interesting part of the site)

3/7/01 Photos of Jack and William have been added to Jo's photo section.